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The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) stands as a pioneering financial institution fostering sustainable development across multiple regions. Annually, EBRD hosts a prestigious conference and business forum, convening global leaders, policymakers, and industry experts to discuss pertinent economic and developmental issues.

Project Description

8.18 Consulting proudly serves as the Official Hiring Partner for EBRD's 33rd Annual Conference and Business Forum. In this collaboration, we play a pivotal role in sourcing and selecting support and IT staff essential for the seamless execution of the event.

Our involvement spans a comprehensive hiring process, commencing with strategic negotiations with job platforms and career centers to disseminate job descriptions and engage potential candidates. Leveraging our extensive network, we actively reach out to universities, fostering partnerships to attract qualified students for available positions.

Conducting rigorous group and individual interviews, we assess candidates' proficiency in English and their suitability for the roles at hand. Through meticulous screening, we shortlist top talent, ensuring they meet the event's requirements and standards. 

As the conference approaches on May 14-16, our dedicated efforts ensure EBRD's event team is staffed with competent professionals ready to contribute to the event's success. 

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