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The Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (RWI) is an experienced research and academic institution with offices, programmes, and convening power covering 40 countries. 

Project Description

In alignment with RWI's mission, we engaged in an HR outsourcing project for the RWI Armenia office, aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and compliance with local regulations. Leveraging our expertise in HR management, we provided comprehensive support tailored to RWI's specific needs and objectives.

Our services encompassed various aspects of HR administration, including payroll and vacation payment calculations to ensure timely and accurate compensation for employees. Additionally, we offered assistance with local tax calculations and facilitated the preparation and submission of relevant reports to regulatory authorities, streamlining compliance processes.

Furthermore, we collaborated with RWI Armenia to develop a comprehensive staff handbook, providing essential guidelines and policies to foster a supportive organizational culture and strong employee relations.

Beginning our partnership in September 2023 and concluding in April 2024, our dedicated efforts ensured the smooth operation of RWI Armenia's HR functions, allowing them to focus on advancing their vital mission of promoting human rights and humanitarian law. 

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