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The Information Systems Agency of Armenia (ISAA) stands at the forefront of shaping the Armenian e-society, in collaboration with the Government and the Central Bank of Armenia. This Government-approved approach prioritizes interoperability, security, and high-quality service delivery, positioning Armenia on the path to becoming a truly electronic society. 

Project Description

Partnering with the Information Systems Agency of Armenia (ISAA), we embark on an ongoing project aimed at redefining strategic directions and enhancing management effectiveness within the foundation. The main objective of our cooperation with the Agency is to ensure efficient operations through the implementation of new Human Resources Management (HRM) interventions.

Our project encompasses a multifaceted approach to achieve key outcomes, including the creation of a robust organizational structure and the development of comprehensive HR strategies and processes. 

As part of the project, we are working towards enhancing performance measurement and management through the implementation of combined Balanced Scorecards and OKRs, alongside the creation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) tailored to each job type. Moreover, we are implementing various initiatives, including induction and onboarding plans, team development workshops, and competency modeling. Additionally, we are streamlining the employment lifecycle process by developing and implementing job descriptions, employment agreements, annual vacation plans, and exit interviews.

Our comprehensive approach to talent acquisition encompasses understanding hiring needs, conducting job market research, and headhunting top talent. From job announcement to final selection and job offer, we meticulously screen candidates, conduct interviews, and assess skills to ensure the best fit for ISAA.

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